Dust Tactics

3D models done for Fierce Wombat for a possible Dust Tactics video game.
The three load out for the Medium Panzer Walker, the Lothar, the Ludwig, and the Luther.
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The Allied Medium Walker "Hot Dog" load out.
The initial contract called for modeling and UV lay outs.  With Fierce Wombat being closed, the status of the project is unknown.


The Armillary Game Board

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This is concept piece for a 3D game we were working on at Castaway. At this level it looked sort of like an animated chessboard, but would 'zoom in' when pieces were in conflict for a battle mode. That game play would take place on a terrain dictated by the color and location of the square. It might consist of broken ground and ruins or a frozen ice cave.

This is a closer look at part of the animating strategy board.

This is the Game Board animation, greatly accelerated:

The in game motion is much slower so as to not distract from the game play and to mark a slower time ratio.


Unreleased Blizzard North Project

The Flayed Hound

A 3D model made for an unreleased game for Blizzard North in 2003.

Game camera view approximation:

The Texture Map:
We using pretty simple texture maps; at the time, massively multi-player engines limited the technology that could be used on models. It also did not make much sense to use normal maps and such objects that were going to be pretty small in game (at the time there was no planned zoom or camera controls).

Wire frame view

Side Camera view:

The Immolated Warrior

Game camera view approximation:

The Texture Map:

Wire Frame View


Environment Art

Here are a few of the most recent pieces I worked on.

Title Screen Render - Civil Warrior
Working with our Art Directors initial layout; I did the landscape, huts, walls, objects, castle, and sky texture.
Parts and Pieces
The Sky Painting

I had a sketch in my sketchbook that I thought would make a good sky painting for our title render. I scanned it into Photoshop, picked some colors from Art Director's sample palette, and made this sky image with distant mountains.

the Peasant Huts
Hut 1 at the highest Level of Detail (LoD)

Here it is with the wire frame highlighted and the poly count:

This is Hut 1 at the lowest Level of Detail:

And again with its wire frame highlighted and poly count:

Hut 2:

Other Objects

A simple cart: